NSA files decoded: Edward Snowden's surveillance

Oct 24, 2017 The NSA: PRISM and Snowden - YouTube Jun 17, 2013 PRISM – not as bad as you thought? (And don’t call it Jun 10, 2013 NSA SPYING ALLEGATIONS EXPLAINED IN 90 SECONDS - BBC … Oct 30, 2013

Edward Snowden On The NSA, His Book 'Permanent Record' And

After Edward Snowden leaked NSA slides in 2013, two names became synonymous with the agency’s vast online spying powers: Upstream and PRISM. Those two types of surveillance work in different ways but pose similar threats to the privacy of Internet users around the world, including innocent Edward Snowden was NSA Prism leak source - Guardian - BBC News Jun 10, 2013

NSA leaker Edward Snowden refuses to use Apple's iPhone

The PRISM presentation Most of what we know about PRISM comes from an internal NSA presentation of 41 slides. Edward Snowden initially asked The Washington Post to publish the full slide deck, but the paper refused and so only 4 were subsequently published by … Edward Snowden is the responsible for disclosure of PRISM Jun 10, 2013 British Spy Chiefs Secretly Begged to Play in NSA’s Data Pools