Raw s3 can be pretty secure. When you encrypt all the files stored on a service you basically take away the concept of search, etc. From wuala "You may be asking, "Why can't I access my data right through the website?".

4 Best Free Dropbox Alternatives for File Sharing Dropbox is a top-rated file sharing platform, with a free version. However, it might not meet everyone’s diverse needs. Check out these free Dropbox alternatives. Gone are the days when businesses relied on hard drives to store files and users had to plug in a thumb drive … Dropbox Alternatives: 10 Best Cloud Storage Services | Beebom Feb 18, 2020 Virtual Data Room Comparison | SecureDocs

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If you need a secure dropbox alternative than you can choose Tresorit both for your company (business) and personal need. 1000 specialists were challenged to hack the Trsorit security in a hackathon but Tresorit proved to be unbreakable . You can also turn on two factor authentication if you want more security for your files.

Dropbox Alternatives: Top 7 Alternatives to Dropbox Edward Snowden clearly stated a couple years back how Dropbox isn’t secure, or private. These Dropbox alternatives act as the perfect virtual hard disks. Moreover, sharing files too is made easy. Be it any type of media file, audio, videos, pictures, movies, large folders etc. Dropbox alternatives offer much ease while sharing these files Dropbox Alternative, Share your documentation. UK-based Dropbox Alternative – Even better than. Dropbox forces you to synchronise your files, with Collabor8online is an alternative to dropbox where synchronisation is an option. You can work on a document, prepare it, perfect it and when you’re ready you can share it by pushing it to Collabor8online. 12 Best Free Alternatives to Dropbox - Moneyjojo Jul 24, 2018 [SOLVED] secure dropbox alternatives - File Sharing