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The latest and most trendy function for reading a string of text is getline().It’s a new C library function, having appeared around 2010 or so. You might not have heard of the getline() function, and a few C programmers avoid it because it uses — brace yourself — pointers!Even so, it’s a good line-input function, and something you should be familiar with, even if you don’t plan on A.P.C. | END. Shop the latest A.P.C. at END. - the leading retailer of globally sourced menswear. New Products added daily How to detect end of line in C++? | DaniWeb End of Line ; Using .h (C HEADER FILE) in Shapes.cpp ; C++ if statement help ; How to redo the same code using structs ; Starter in C. Doing this for school. C program contains employee iinformation ; Problem with Binary Search ; Retrieving a paragraph instead of a single line of text ; C program help ; Reading Data From a File ; Explanation of

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end line: [noun] a line marking an end or boundary especially of a playing area: such as. a line at either end of a football field 10 yards beyond and parallel to the goal line. a line at either end of a court (as in basketball or tennis) perpendicular to the sidelines.

C - Command Line Arguments - Tutorialspoint It is possible to pass some values from the command line to your C programs when they are executed. These values are called command line arguments and many times they are important for your program especially when you want to control your program from outside instead of hard coding those values inside the code.. The command line arguments are handled using main() function arguments where … Detecting end of LINE in text files - C Board