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NoCatSplash - DD-WRT Wiki Introduction. NoCatSplash is a special type of web server. It redirects clients connecting to a DD-WRT box to a specific web page. Usually used for disclaimers and advertising, it can be a very useful tool when you have unknown people connecting wirelessly. After a configurable period of time, the client's internet access is cut off, unless the Client has agreed again to the Terms. Linksys wrt160N Will Not Connect to Internet - dd-wrt.com Sep 29, 2010 WRT3200ACM wireless no internet connection - dd-wrt.com

- Linksys/dd-wrt box itself has LAN & internet connectivity - Wired and Wireless clients connecting to the Linksys/dd-wrt do *not* have the LAN or the Internet connectivity Troubleshooting done so far: - When changing Operating mode (ie: Gateway<->Router), the routing table on dd-wrt, as expected, do not change.

Mar 25, 2011 · Some of the members of the DD-WRT forums have reported that the second issue was only solved by completely disabling their SPI firewall, so give that a try if the preferred option of adding a rule doesn’t work out. References: DD-WRT Forum: WRT54G-TM drops internet every 10 minutes; Ticket #973: Firewall blocks dhcp renewal responses TD-W8901N modem router not connecting with externer TL-WA850RE (EU) ver 1.26 222 0 TL - WA850RE - connects to the router but not the internet

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Aug 31, 2015 DD-WRT No Internet connection over LAN - Super User try running "tracert www.google.com". If you don't get back anything then you don't have your DNS configured. Try "ping" and if you don't get back anything then the you are not connected to the internet. so your WAN link is not working. For DNS you can use … [DD-WRT] Unable to connect to the internet - Linksys