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Deleted drive can be recovered but wiped drive can’t be, although there’s nothing sensitive info in the system drive and people normally don’t store personal files on system partition, system drive will still have traces left, to prevent data leakage and ensure data safe, Wipe Windows 10, wipe the entire hard drive is essential. How to Wipe a Hard Drive Windows XP Without CD - EaseUS May 28, 2020 Delete Dropbox from hard drive - Dropbox Community

Completely erase everything from hard drive, external hard drive, USB, memory card, files and folders. Permanently wipes data on partitions and disk volumes with advanced wiping algorithm which overwrites your data up to 35 times. Uses advanced algorithms (Dod 5220-22.M, US Army, Peter Guttman) to 100% completely wipe data.

Aug 24, 2019 How to erase a disk for Mac - Apple Support