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The following examples show how to use examples are extracted from open source projects. Hi Rt, The issue is that every a new DOM document gets created and written into the file. Check before you add whether the existing file (BN.xml) has already nodes or not. If stream from the specified file contains characters, readLine() returns characters till the encounter of new line or line feed. And if the stream is empty, i.e., no more characters left in the stream, the method returns null, which is an indication that whole contents of file have been read. You can use this code: BufferedReader br=new BufferedReader (new InputStreamReader(; long i=Long.parseLong(br.readLine()); I am using wrapper class to convert numeric string to primitive number.

Java BufferedReader summary. As you've seen, the common thread around all of these examples is wrapping a BufferedReader around an InputStream, and then using the BufferedReader readLine method to simplify the process of reading the input as a series of Strings.

But there is a class that has a method readLine(). A buffer is a region in memory where input from the terminal is stored until needed by the program. If you want to perform buffered input on the stream you would pass the object into the constructor. Strip whitespace and newlines from XML in Java | Q&A Strip whitespace and newlines from XML in Java Using Java, I would like to take a document in the following format: BufferedReader cannot resolve symbol | Oracle Community

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Reads a single character from this reader and returns it with the two higher-order bytes set to 0. If possible, BufferedReader returns a character from the buffer. If there are no characters available in the buffer, it fills the buffer and then returns a character. It returns -1 if … Create XML file from flat file and data insert into database Create XML file from flat file and data insert into database In this section, we have developed an application to create xml file from flat file and data insert into database in Java. Two files are used " " and " flatfile.txt " in the code given below. How to read UTF-8 XML file in Java – (SAX Parser) - Aug 04, 2011 Java BufferedReader read() method example